#WVW 35 // Sensitivity

I’ve always been a sensitive person. There have been many times in my life when I wished this wasn’t the case, because being “sensitive” is often seen as a negative. Today, during one of my endless scrolls through Facebook, I came across an article on emotional intelligence which suggested that people with a high emotional intelligence aren’t easily offended; they have thick skin because they know who they are.

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#WVW 35 // Feeling alive.

A question I have wrestled with all throughout this past year.

What makes you feel alive?

I graduated from college almost exactly a year ago. Can we just take a moment. Time flies. I guess time flies even when you feel lost, when you feel like you’re wandering, and when you just feel like you’re kind of floating through life. That’s been me a lot of days this past year. And over this past year, in the many very dramatic moments I felt “dead”, I’ve reflected a lot on what it is that gets me going, what makes my heart beat and my eyes light up, what makes me feel alive. If I can just find that thing, then I can find a career path to match, and I can finally feel alive! 

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#WVW 34 // Willpower

Willpower is a bit confusing to me, because I think I both have it and I don’t. Good work ethic, determination..I have those. One thing I’ve learned throughout my life is how to do the things you really don’t want to do, but you have to – dreadful classes, group projects, going to basketball practice, high school summer homework..the list goes on. But nothing has taught me this more than working 40 hours a week, roughly an hour commute from home, at a job that is not interesting or exciting to me in the slightest, for the past 10 months. Some days I really have to muster up every ounce of willpower I have to get myself going. I’ll be honest, some nights the thought of going to work the next morning is so utterly frustrating that it could bring me to tears because I feel so stuck. And then I feel like a spoiled, ungrateful brat, and suck it up and do the dang thing.

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#WVW 33 // Straight out of the messiest place of my heart.

What are you 99% sure about?

What does that even mean?

It’s that thing that you’re almost completely sure of, but that sliver of uncertainty, doubt, whatever is enough to make you wary about saying it with complete confidence. When I thought of what I could write about, the one thing that stood out to me immediately made me shrink back in apprehension. I should write about something else…but that’s how you know it’s a true word vomit.

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#WVW 32 // A Story…

This week, Brian and I teamed up for a fun story. I think. 

It was supposed to be part 1 on his blog and part 2 on mine, but we figured we’d save you the trouble and just give it to you all in one. Enjoy this genre we made up ourselves: sort-of sci-fi, fantasy, fairy tale, mystery. We don’t know, really.

Wesselmann’s Barrier, as they called it, was a work of art not because it could be seen or heard, but precisely because it couldn’t. Yet, it still caused latent emotions to rise in most, if not all people. Continue reading “#WVW 32 // A Story…”

#WVW 31 // Dear Kobe


// Inspired by Kobe’s “Dear Basketball” (which you should definitely read) //

Dear Kobe,

You did it.
It’s over.
60 points in the last game of your 20-year career.
A 101-96 win to give you only your 17th win this season.
Far from playoff contention
but we all felt like world champions tonight.
To see you do the one thing you know best – winning –
one last time
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#WVW 30 // Empathy

Empathy (n): the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

As we know, empathy differs from sympathy in that empathy feels and sympathy acknowledges. Sympathy sees someone else’s burden, and empathy carries it with them. Sympathy isn’t a lesser feeling than empathy nor is it the antithesis, they’re just different, and we all experience them at different times in our lives. Sometimes it’s not possible to have empathy for someone because you don’t have the capacity to understand what they’re feeling. I can’t empathize much with someone who has cancer, or someone who has gone through a divorce, or has lost a child, simply because I don’t have any relevant experience to give me an emotional understanding of those situations. All I can offer is sympathy, and that’s okay. Continue reading “#WVW 30 // Empathy”

#WVW 29 // Sci-fi drama..?

This week, Brian gave me a fun creative task: create two characters, choose a genre, and write a dialogue between them.

Well, I was really struggling to think of characters for the drama genre so he created some for me.

*He also requested that I make it a sci-fi drama. I’m not a sci-fi person, so….I apologize in advance for the sci-fi clichés I’ve thrown in.

Hollis (37): Hollis is an extremely thoughtful person. Despite being eloquent in speech, she is barely audible above an average amount of noise. However, she has a commanding presence and people around her respect her unconditionally. She rarely lets her emotions get the better of her

Andrew (25): Wise beyond his years, but Andrew has his own sets of doubts, uncertainties, and worries. He is often overcome by these waves of emotions, greatly debilitating his ability to think on his feet under pressure. He has something to prove—somewhat of an inferiority complex. Continue reading “#WVW 29 // Sci-fi drama..?”

#WVW 28 // The heavens declare His glory.

12465807_10205668882736767_1204243030358690129_o[Photo shot by my very talented friend, Josiah.]

This week, I was instructed to go outside and stare at the sky. Yeah, a bit strange, but it’s something I don’t do enough anyway.

What came to mind?

From my backyard in a light-polluted city, I looked up and saw stars. Not many, but enough to remind me of the vastness of the universe. I imagined all the stars I can’t see. I’m reminded of the times I have been in places dark enough to see thousands of them. The perfect & delicate balance that keeps the sun, the stars, the moon, the earth all in balance, all within who knows how many galaxies. It blows me away that there are places millions of lightyears away that we haven’t seen, depths of the ocean we haven’t explored. And somehow, everything works together to sustain life?

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#WVW 27 // Certainty

Certainty is a hard thing to have in a culture that preaches relativity. People say that we can’t know anything for sure, and that everything is relative..especially when it comes to religion and beliefs. Our culture loves to reject absolute truths, absolute morals, absolute anything, yet tells us that something like science, for example, is absolute. To say there are no absolutes is an absolute in itself, and therefore contradictory. Having certainty, or a “firm conviction that something is the case”, is very difficult to have when no matter what you say, someone will attack you, someone will be offended, and someone will tell you you’re wrong. It takes a strong person to have that kind of certainty.

But that’s another story for another day. (I know, sorry, I led you on and I never intended to talk about that, but it just sort of came out once I looked up the definition of ‘certainty’. This is Word Vomit Wednesday, after all.)

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