#WVW 33 // Straight out of the messiest place of my heart.

What are you 99% sure about?

What does that even mean?

It’s that thing that you’re almost completely sure of, but that sliver of uncertainty, doubt, whatever is enough to make you wary about saying it with complete confidence. When I thought of what I could write about, the one thing that stood out to me immediately made me shrink back in apprehension. I should write about something else…but that’s how you know it’s a true word vomit.

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#WVW 32 // A Story…

This week, Brian and I teamed up for a fun story. I think. 

It was supposed to be part 1 on his blog and part 2 on mine, but we figured we’d save you the trouble and just give it to you all in one. Enjoy this genre we made up ourselves: sort-of sci-fi, fantasy, fairy tale, mystery. We don’t know, really.

Wesselmann’s Barrier, as they called it, was a work of art not because it could be seen or heard, but precisely because it couldn’t. Yet, it still caused latent emotions to rise in most, if not all people. Continue reading “#WVW 32 // A Story…”

#WVW 31 // Dear Kobe


// Inspired by Kobe’s “Dear Basketball” (which you should definitely read) //

Dear Kobe,

You did it.
It’s over.
60 points in the last game of your 20-year career.
A 101-96 win to give you only your 17th win this season.
Far from playoff contention
but we all felt like world champions tonight.
To see you do the one thing you know best – winning –
one last time
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#WVW 30 // Empathy

Empathy (n): the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

As we know, empathy differs from sympathy in that empathy feels and sympathy acknowledges. Sympathy sees someone else’s burden, and empathy carries it with them. Sympathy isn’t a lesser feeling than empathy nor is it the antithesis, they’re just different, and we all experience them at different times in our lives. Sometimes it’s not possible to have empathy for someone because you don’t have the capacity to understand what they’re feeling. I can’t empathize much with someone who has cancer, or someone who has gone through a divorce, or has lost a child, simply because I don’t have any relevant experience to give me an emotional understanding of those situations. All I can offer is sympathy, and that’s okay. Continue reading “#WVW 30 // Empathy”