#WVW 29 // Sci-fi drama..?

This week, Brian gave me a fun creative task: create two characters, choose a genre, and write a dialogue between them.

Well, I was really struggling to think of characters for the drama genre so he created some for me.

*He also requested that I make it a sci-fi drama. I’m not a sci-fi person, so….I apologize in advance for the sci-fi clichés I’ve thrown in.

Hollis (37): Hollis is an extremely thoughtful person. Despite being eloquent in speech, she is barely audible above an average amount of noise. However, she has a commanding presence and people around her respect her unconditionally. She rarely lets her emotions get the better of her

Andrew (25): Wise beyond his years, but Andrew has his own sets of doubts, uncertainties, and worries. He is often overcome by these waves of emotions, greatly debilitating his ability to think on his feet under pressure. He has something to prove—somewhat of an inferiority complex. Continue reading “#WVW 29 // Sci-fi drama..?”


#WVW 28 // The heavens declare His glory.

12465807_10205668882736767_1204243030358690129_o[Photo shot by my very talented friend, Josiah.]

This week, I was instructed to go outside and stare at the sky. Yeah, a bit strange, but it’s something I don’t do enough anyway.

What came to mind?

From my backyard in a light-polluted city, I looked up and saw stars. Not many, but enough to remind me of the vastness of the universe. I imagined all the stars I can’t see. I’m reminded of the times I have been in places dark enough to see thousands of them. The perfect & delicate balance that keeps the sun, the stars, the moon, the earth all in balance, all within who knows how many galaxies. It blows me away that there are places millions of lightyears away that we haven’t seen, depths of the ocean we haven’t explored. And somehow, everything works together to sustain life?

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#WVW 27 // Certainty

Certainty is a hard thing to have in a culture that preaches relativity. People say that we can’t know anything for sure, and that everything is relative..especially when it comes to religion and beliefs. Our culture loves to reject absolute truths, absolute morals, absolute anything, yet tells us that something like science, for example, is absolute. To say there are no absolutes is an absolute in itself, and therefore contradictory. Having certainty, or a “firm conviction that something is the case”, is very difficult to have when no matter what you say, someone will attack you, someone will be offended, and someone will tell you you’re wrong. It takes a strong person to have that kind of certainty.

But that’s another story for another day. (I know, sorry, I led you on and I never intended to talk about that, but it just sort of came out once I looked up the definition of ‘certainty’. This is Word Vomit Wednesday, after all.)

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#WVW 26 // Unashamed

[Today marks 6 MONTHS of #WordVomitWednesday! Thank you for your continual support of this small and simple idea from the brains of Brian and myself – we really can’t believe we’ve made it this far.]

As most things in life, the idea of being “ashamed” has two ways of looking at it. On the one hand, there’s being ashamed, or embarrassed, about something – your family, your social status, your physical appearance, etc. On the other hand, there’s being ashamed, or guilty, of something you have done – cheating on a test, cheating on a spouse, an addiction, a crime. Sometimes it’s justified, sometimes it’s irrational; sometimes it’s something you’re able to change, and sometimes it’s not. So what does it mean to be “unashamed”? To be unembarrassed, confident, to see the worth in yourself or someone else; to be without remorse, without regret.

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#WVW 25 // Advice

We were down, and time was running out. But we could win this. We had fouls to give. So of course, the instructions were, “foul her.” The ball was inbounded, and I tried to foul. I don’t remember exactly how the play ended, but clearly not favorably, because I got a scolding in the huddle. Coach was upset, I was upset, and she looked at me and yelled to remind me, and the whole team, that I was supposed to foul that girl. I knew that. I knew. And I tried, but the ref wasn’t making the call.

“I was trying, but-”
I know. I’m dumb. Who says that to a coach? A prideful person, that’s who.
“There’s no such thing as trying, just DO it!” Continue reading “#WVW 25 // Advice”