#WVW 24 // Language

This topic excites me. Because language fascinates me.

One thing that I have learned from traveling is how much the English language prevails throughout the world. Even in countries where English isn’t the primary language, many people still know English – especially in tourist cities. Whether it be because of American/British influence throughout the world, the idolization of the American dream, or English-speakers’ penchant for being less willing to learn other languages..whatever it is, I could always rest assured that someone in whatever country I was in would be able to communicate with me in English to some degree.  Continue reading “#WVW 24 // Language”


#WVW 23 // Stand up, speak out.

This week, I was supposed to take something I’ve written but never posted, and finish it.

All of my drafts on this blog are about things I eventually talked about in one of my other 22 #WordVomitWednesdays – job, uncertainties of the future, my thoughts on dating/love/relationships..and then there’s my Tumblr where since high school I have posted things privately for a reason. Like, because there are names and specific situations involved. I know I’ve been vulnerable these past 22 weeks but I’m not ready to be that vulnerable yet..I don’t think I ever will be. Haha.

So I will instead take this opportunity to write about something I’ve been wanting to write about, but have been putting off.

3 words, one hashtag, one simple sentiment that has turned a lot of people upside down, has left people up in arms, that at times seems to be having the opposite effect of that which was intended and hoped for.

Continue reading “#WVW 23 // Stand up, speak out.”

#WVW 22 // New every morning.

This week, I was simply given a statement: “Each day is better than the last.”

And my immediate thought was, “But what if it’s not?”

We’ve all experienced a time when things were seemingly normal, things were good, maybe even great, and then the next day, the next hour, the next minute, everything was flipped upside down and thrown against a wall. I know that has definitely been true in my life. I’ve seen some tough days in my life, and I know many people who have had many more of these days than I have, by far. Can we really say that each day is better than the last?  Continue reading “#WVW 22 // New every morning.”